Kreisjugendring Unterallgäu

The youth association in the area Unterallgäu offers one place for a volunteer in cooperation with the Federal Voluntary Service.


Open child and youth work is part of the social infrastructure of the community. It is committed to ensure that children and young people are integrated into the community, feel comfortable and are involved in the processes of our society. Our aim is to support and promote children and young people on their way to independence. The youth work of the Kreisjugendring sees itself as a supplement to the youth work of the association.

Children and young people are looked after professionally. They are offered rooms for communication without pressure to perform with their peers. The offers are open to all and offer the greatest possible protection against violence of any kind. The offers are geared to the life situation and the needs of the target group. Competent contact persons are available for age-specific questions and problems.


The tasks of a federal volunteer are to support the full-time staff in the pedagogical, technical and organisational areas.

Morning offer for schools:

o Assistance in welcoming and dividing up the groups

o Giving orientation help in the house (house rules)

o Assistance with the use of technical equipment

o Help with group division

o Organisation and support of self-catering for the group

o Help with the distribution of playing equipment and sports materials

Open youth club:

o Presence at game offerings (billiards, table football, darts, board games…)

o Help with self-catering

o Support of the „bicycle workshop

o Proactive contribution with offers according to the respective abilities (musical, creative, sports)

Building services and organizational area:

o Ordering the consumables for the pedagogical area

o Care for the maintenance of the technical equipment (beamers, screens, WiFi…)

o Purchase for kitchen

o Maintenance of the outdoor facilities (barbecue and fireplace, oven…)

o Recycling service

All tasks are coordinated and accompanied by the pedagogical full-time staff.

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