St Georg Seniorenzentrum Stelle+#

Caritas-Seniorenheim St.Georg

The nursing home St. Georg is near the historic centre of Mindelheim an hosts a total of 120 people. The volunteer will either work in the early or the late shift under the supervision of a professional nurse who is in charge.

Early shift tasks

The seniors are woken up, aided in their basic needs, dressed, accompanied to breakfast, supported during their meal and afterwards brought back to their rooms. Then there is need-oriented care and morning activities such as gymnastics, crafting, singing, as well as administrative activities (e.g. documentation). The senior citizens are regularly taken to the bathroom. The preparation for lunch at 12 a.m. takes place with the same procedure as breakfast. Afterwards the seniors are helped to bed for a nap if desired.

Late shift tasks

The afternoon includes activities like a stroll if desired, games, reading out loud etc. , as well as coffee breaks, if necessary with eating support and visits to the bathroom. The preparation for dinner at 6 p.m takes place with the same procedure as above. Finally, there is need-oriented care with preparation for night’s rest and administrative activities.

Characteristics needed:

Joy and kindness in dealing with older people, psychological and physical resilience, the ability to endure odors and physical contact as well as the experience of sudden death.

experience reflections of our volunteers

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