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Reflection in October

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Having been in Germany for the past 6 months has had an amazing impact on my life and my enhancement of certain characteristics like being present to those I work with, live with and get to interact with.

This is mainly because of the challenge of language between me and those I have been working with and the children themselves. However since my last report, the challenge of language has certainly been out of the way as I have gained a lot from the lessons and also getting to speak the language each day. Work has become more fun as I get to understand and as well communicate with the children better. Each day I get to smile because of the questions I get asked, because of the conversations between children that I get to „eavesdrop“ and it has truly been an experience to be treasured.

Some time in September, it was a bit heavy with the new academic year beginning and us receiving new kids some as young as 2 getting to have them used to a system of doing things like when to have breakfast, going to the toilet alone, how to ask for certain things but it was a challenge worth experiencing. It taught me to be even more patient.

Apart from my assigned work at St. Stephan kindergarten, I’ve also had the chance to participate in awhole lot of Marist activities some of which include the monthly Maristisch, going to the Hermitage and I am very grateful especially for the opportunity to get to walk through literally the footsteps of Fr. Champagnat.

During this period also it has been great to get to catch up with other volunteers I had stayed with in South Africa (Paula and Celine). Lastly, the whole experience thus far has served as a reminder, through the Marist way of life, of those who came before and to cherish and regard that tradition as a symbol that I am a part of something bigger.

Regards, Nyasha