3rd Reflexion – April 2020

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Since my last report, a lot has happened and changed. I have had wonderful experiences and moments, some sad and scary times, too. Being asked to extend my stay at my workplace was something I did not expect but it was a really pleasant surprise. It made me feel appreciated and that my work was meaningful to those I worked with. Having the opportunity to still work with the kids has been amazing considering my language skills have significantly improved. As has been from the beginning, I’m very grateful for the support from my colleagues and how they have helped me to feel really part of the team and the kids as well.It is sad though that we had to temporarily close the kindergarten due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sadly during this period as well, I’ve had to say goodbye to Didi who had to go back home in January. We did not really meet much because of our different work schedules but it was good knowing there is someone in the house. Her leaving was a change I really felt, but however because of other activities I’ve been engaged in, the gap is not so much. Between the German lessons twice a week, I also have had choir and volunteering at the refugee center here in Mindelheim every Friday. It has also been a difficult time now with the Coronavirus pandemic, which has to some extent put the whole world on hold. This has been quite hard for me, considering the plans I had after my mission here. I believe like most people, my fear is that of the unknown, especially at least of the foreseeable future. We never know what tomorrow holds for us but however that has never stoppedus from planning for the future because that means we have hope. Because of this pandemic, that hope has been dimmed to some extent. Not being able to have concrete plans has been quite scary for me. I am hopeful however that things will get better.

This time has also been a lesson to know what really matters in life, how much we or more personally I take simple things for granted. I have been and I am still humbled and grateful for the accompaniment from both my sending (Southern Africa) and hosting (Germany) communities. It means a lot you know in as much as I am away from home, I still have family around me, always.